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Okky Rachmadi S. SH, CLA, ERMAP, CIB
a.k.a. Okky Al Rach

Our managing partner is a passionate corporate lawyer. He is a certified legal auditor, enterprise risk management practitioner, and a certified investment banker.

       As one of ARHP's founder, he spend most of his time supervising on going cases while at the same time, exercising his daily role as legal counsel and corporate strategist to board of directors and commissioners in several corporations, both nationals and multinationals.


Okky Al Rach also a promoter of "labor - corporate self and co-consciousness". The phrase is his "tag" which he believe as one of the core and most substantial value to enhance the economy and to create supportive ambience for investment. He believe that the foundation of industrial relation relies on the artificially-dynamic constructed symbiosis between the labor, union, employer, government, and legislators. The subject matter he choose to be a life time research material and a personal goal.



Senior Partners, Associates & Supporting Team (Tim Inti)

Sania Debora, SS

Chief Legal Administration